Our Story Here is a little about Imagitivity Media

Imagitivity Media started with coffee (as a lot of ideas do…)


There we were, a few friends sitting around drinking coffee and discussing the type of work we really wanted to be doing instead of our jobs at the time. Suddenly, it struck us all at the same time. We have all done work for ad agencies in some capacity, and we all have diverse skill sets–from technology implementation to film production experience. We we really should be doing is our own work, for our own company.

  1. 2016

    Hello NYC

     Imagitivity Media opens our New York City office.

  2. 2013

    Imagitivity Media works on over 8 TV shows

    Imagitivity Media expands to over 8 TV shows working in active production.

  3. 2010

    The 'Coffee Discussion'

     Things started quickly after we decided to move forward from our ‘Coffee Discussion’. Imagitivity Media was formed.